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Impressively knowledgeable and experienced, Alliance Tree Care strives to be the leading arborist and Tree Care provider in Winnipeg. Our team is your professional, one-stop solution for promoting the health and longevity of your property's plant life

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Improving Winnipeg, one tree at a time.

With a history of providing quality tree solutions in Winnipeg, Alliance Tree Care is well known as the firm to call when you want the job done right, whether it's a removal, pruning, or simply professional advice about what trees to plant.

Through every job we complete for our Winnipeg neighbors, you can be sure of one thing – quality. Completely certified and insured, we'll take every step necessary to make sure your trees are perfectly equipped for a long and healthy life.

Your property's green space deserves the attention of a professional – call Alliance Tree Care at 204-777-8733 for a free estimate.

Our Services

A Full Selection of Services

From flawless tree removals to detailed arborist analysis that evaluates tree health and risk assessment, Alliance Tree Care can handle every aspect of your trees and give you expert recommendations.

Some Winnipeg Tree Care companies may consider the job done after only cutting down a tree, but Alliance Tree Care is a full solution for expert tree removal. Not only will we take care of safe and effective cutting that presents no danger to your property, we're also able to offer stump grinding and other services that remove traces of a tree.

When contracted for a tree removal job, our certified team will start with a visit to see the exact situation firsthand before giving you a quote. Because every tree is different and may require different tree removal methods, a professional assessment is the first step in a quality tree removal.

In addition to standard tree removal in Winnipeg, Alliance Tree Care is also available for emergency services. While we strongly believe that being proactive is the right approach when dealing with trees, we also understand that events like storms and lightning can come without warning. Our professional team will mobilize quickly in emergency situations to make sure dangerous trees are removed quickly and expertly.

Whether you need an immediate tree removal response or just have a tree that you've been meaning to get rid of, call 204-777-8733 to speak with Alliance Tree Care.

There are many reasons why a tree might need to be pruned in Winnipeg – for structural stability, view clearance, or increased fruit production, just to name a few. Whatever the reason, Alliance Tree Care has a full list of trimming services, including deadwood removal, branch thinning, hedge trimming, and many more suited perfectly for your needs.

When done incorrectly, a pruning job can severely stunt the growth of your plants and cause irreparable damage. At Alliance Tree Care, we have the knowledge necessary to properly prune your trees and you can count on us for yearly maintenance trims that keep your trees, shrubs, and hedges at maximum health and looking great.

The only thing that matches the quality of our pruning and trimming ability is our customer service. Many of our Winnipeg clients have been with us for years and we've played a major part in turning routine outdoor spaces into thriving ecosystems. Take a trip through town and you're bound to see our pruning handiwork on display.

For a pruning or trimming job in Winnipeg that enhances your plants rather than destroying them, call Alliance Tree Care at 204-777-8733 to set up your first visit.

As far as investments in your Winnipeg property go, few can rival the rewards that planting new trees can bring. From seeing the growth over many years to providing a wind barrier, what may seem to start as something small becomes a major component of your outdoor space. At Alliance Tree Care, we fully understand the benefits of tree planting and have a suite of services to help.

Alliance Tree Care will start a tree planting job by sending a certified arborist to your location to evaluate the space available and help you decide what type of tree you want. Because we have extensive local experience, we know which species work best for different functions and have partnerships with many local nurseries, giving us unparalleled access to a large selection.

We are available for tree planting jobs of all shapes and sizes, from single plantings in residential locations to large-scale commercial and municipal planting contracts. In every case, we'll make sure that the right tree is selected, the right soil is used, and your new plants have everything they need to thrive.

To learn more about our tree planting services in Winnipeg, call Alliance Tree Care at 204-777-8733.

Alliance Tree Care possesses a whole arsenal of green techniques to help your trees reach their peak potential. We employ green solutions for combating pests such as aphids with the use of ladybugs, and different eco-friendly soaps and washes targeted for certain problems.

We brew our own organic Eco-Teas which can be applied to many different health issues. Whether it is a fungal infection, nutrient deficiencies, or even fertilizers to give your trees the extra oomph they need our experts will tailor a health care plan suitable to your needs without breaking the bank.

If you have already noticed any discolorations, wilting, or annoying pests around your yard today, please call for a free estimate and get your tree triaged today!

While there may be many people in Winnipeg that can do basic tree-related tasks, only a certified arborist has the knowledge and experience needed to perform top level assessments. At Alliance Tree Care, we have on-staff arborists that have all the necessary qualifications and are licensed to provide arborist work, such as creating arborist reports.

Most of our arborist work centers on tree removal and risk evaluation for your property and that of your neighbors, but there is much more that a certified arborist can do. Our team can evaluate sick trees and provide treatment recommendations that will bring it back to a healthy state. In addition, we can also deliver arborist reports for new construction sites.

Whatever arborist work you need done in Winnipeg, you can expect the same detail-oriented, quality service from Alliance Tree Care. We're proud of our knowledge and ability and would be happy to evaluate the current state of your plans and any biotic or abiotic damage that they may have suffered.

Call Alliance Tree Care at 204-777-8733 to set up a convenient time for our certified arborist to visit your property for an assessment.

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